b. 1986, HK.


My name is Amanda Cavanaugh, nice to meet you!

I'm a UX designer/researcher and folk musician living in Dublin, originally from the Boston area. I'm passionate about design, music, storytelling puzzles, and all things creative.

I grew in Brookline, MA and fell in love with fiddle at age 8 after watching Eileen Ivers in Riverdance. I went on to study music and ethnomusicology at Tufts University (BA magna cum laude), and there I developed a passion for finding the intersection of music, technology, and storytelling. In 2015 I received a MSc from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Creative Digital Media, and started exploring new areas of design and user research at IBM.

I’ve been with IBM for 4 years, and I’m currently working in data security. In the evenings you can find me playing sessions in Dublin or performing with my various music projects!

I love trying new things, helping people to tell their stories, and sharing my ideas with others through music and design.

PDF of my CV is available here.


Data Security
Quantum Computing
Water Operations